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Jan 'n Dean - Southern California Geography
Geospatial Reference . . .

The Greater Los Angeles area and Southern California coast. Click on the map above, or choose the links below for larger images and details.

A work in progress . . . (last updated January 21, 2006):

Anaheim — Orange County town referenced in Jan & Dean’s 1964 cut, "The Anaheim, Azusa & Cucamonga Sewing Circle, Book Review and Timing Association." Also the home of Disneyland, the Los Angeles Angels and ’60s surf instrumental band, the Avenger VI.
Azusa — Also referenced in Jan & Dean’s 1964 cut, "The Anaheim, Azusa & Cucamonga Sewing Circle, Book Review and Timing Association." The town boasted early ’60s niteclub, A Teen Canteen, where the Beach Boys were filmed playing a live "Surfin’ Safari" (pre-Capitol) for the film One Man’s Challenge. Jan & Dean would later cover the song for their Take Linda Surfin’ LP (with the Beach Boys on backing vocals).
Baja California (Mexico) — Mentioned in the song "Honolulu Lulu"
Bel Air — Westside community and Jan Berry’s home base. Bruce Johnston and Randy Newman were also from Bel Air, and Terry Melcher rented his home on Cielo Drive . . . later the scene of the Manson Family murders in 1969.
Beverly Hills — Site of Jan Berry's automobile accident, April 12, 1966. Surf instrumental group, the New Dimensions, were from Beverly Hills . . . members included Jimmy Greenspoon (future Three Dog Night keyboard player) and Michael Lloyd (leader of the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band).
Buena Park — Orange County home of the Retail Clerk’s Hall, where emcee/promoter Reb Foster hosted live shows by the Righteous Brothers, the Ventures, Eddie & the Showmen, Jackie DeShannon, Jan & Dean, the Rivingtons, the Beach Boys and Kathy Marshall ("Queen of the Surf Guitar").
Chatsworth — Location set for Jan & Dean's feature film (Easy Come, Easy Go), where Jan Berry sustained a serious leg injury in a train accident on the first day of shooting, August 1965
Cucamonga — Rancho Cucamonga is referenced in Jan & Dean’s 1964 cut, "The Anaheim, Azusa & Cucamonga Sewing Circle, Book Review and Timing Association." The town is also home of the first Frank Zappa studio, on Archibald Street. Nearby Riverside was where Zappa engineered the Tornadoes’ hit song "Bustin’ Surfboards" (at Locy Sound), and was also hometown of surf instrumental band, Johnny Barakat & the Vestells, as well as garage-psych band, the Misunderstood.
Doheny — Beach mentioned in "Surfin' Safari," a Beach Boys song covered by Jan & Dean
Downey — Site of the Jan Berry Center for the Brain Injured (during the center's tenure of operation)
Hawthorne — Home town of the Beach Boys, Emmit Rhodes and Chris Montez. Inland from LAX and the South Bay beach towns.
Highway 101 — Mentioned in the Jan & Dean songs "Surf Route 101" and "Down at Malibu Beach," the 101 freeway follows the U.S. Pacific coast between San Francisco and San Diego. Gary Usher (who, like Jan Berry, collaborated with songwriters Roger Christian and Brian Wilson) recorded an entire LP referencing the surf spots along Highway 101, titled Surf Route 101, by the Superstocks (Capitol Records), 1964.
Hollywood — Site of the famed Sunset Strip and various haunts associated with Jan & Dean, including the Hollywood Bowl. The house band at the La Cienega Gazarri’s niteclub was the Sinners (who, as the Matadors, sang harmonies on Jan & Dean's Surf City and Drag City LPs, and had three singles of their own produced by Jan Berry). Hollywood’s Sunset Strip was also where the folk-rock genre was birthed, with the Byrds’ 1965 hit, "Mr. Tambourine Man." The style was later explored by Jan Berry for Jan & Dean's Folk ’n’ Roll album.
Hollywood Freeway — Mentioned in the Jan & Dean song "Freeway Flyer." Also known as the 170 freeway.
Huntington Beach — Mentioned in the song "Surf Route 101." Current home base for Dean Torrence, Huntington Beach now markets itself as "Surf City U.S.A." (The town of Santa Cruz also claims the moniker of "Surf City"). Duke Kahanamoku debuted surf-riding at Huntington Beach in 1920 . . . the town boasted the legendary Pavalon Ballroom, as well as beat/folk club the Golden Bear (whose owners also had the Rouge et Noir in Seal Beach and the Prison of Socrates in Balboa).
Laguna Beach — Mentioned in "Surfin’ Safari," a Beach Boys song covered by Jan & Dean (featuring the Boys as guest backing vocalists). Home of the Three Arch Bay (mentioned in Brian Wilson’s 1974 "California Feeling"), the Laguna Greeter (a pre-hippie bohemian town receiver) and Cafe Frankenstein (a beat coffee house, whose owner, Burt Shonberg, would become an influence on the beatnik art style of early ’60s surfing).
Long Beach — On November 2, 1947, Jan Berry's father (project manager William L. Berry) flew in the HK-1 Flying Boat, or "Spruce Goose," with Howard Hughes in Long Beach Harbor
Los Angeles (Downtown) — Jan Berry's pentouse apartment on Occidental Avenue and the campus for the California College of Medicine were in the downtown area
Malibu — Mentioned in the songs "Summer Means Fun," "Down at Malibu Beach," and "Tell 'Em I'm Surfin'." Jan & Dean's segments for the television show Surf Scene were filmed in and around Malibu in 1963. These included the segment for "Surf City," a forerunner of the modern music video
Northridge — Following the train accident on the set of Jan & Dean's feature film (Easy Come, Easy Go) in August 1965, Jan Berry was hospitalized in Northridge
Pasadena — Home of Colorado Blvd. and Jan & Dean's famous drag racing granny in "The Little Old Lady (from Pasadena)"
Rincon — Surf Location on Route 101, mentioned in the songs "Honolulu Lulu" and "Surf Route 101" (also in "Surfin' Safari," a Beach Boys song covered by Jan & Dean). Rincon is just north of the map area shown here, between Ventura and Santa Barbara (not pictured)
San Diego — Site of live concert footage that appears in Jan & Dean's unreleased television pilot, On the Run, from 1966. Jan & Dean's final live performance occurred at nearby El Cahon, in March 2004
Santa Monica — Site of the Santa Monica Civic Center, where Jan & Dean hosted the famous TAMI Show in October 1964. Dean Torrence attended Santa Monica City College before entering the University of Southern California (USC)
Tijuana (Mexico) — Subject of Jan's post-accident farce, "Tijuana"
Tijuana Sloughs — Surfing spot on the border between California (U.S.) and Baja California (Mexico). Mentioned in the song "Surf Route 101"
University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) — Where Jan Berry attended college
University of Southern California (USC) — Where Dean Torrence attended college
West L.A. — Site of various haunts associated with Jan & Dean, including University High School and the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), where Jan Berry attended college . . . and the area of the "real" Dead Man's Curve.
Windansea Beach — At La Jolla near San Diego. Mentioned in the song "Tell 'Em I'm Surfin'"

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