1965 - Command Performance




In the first month of the new year, the LITTLE OLD LADY album peaked at #40 on the charts, with RIDE THE WILD SURF pulling in at #60. And January also saw the release of COMMAND PERFORMANCE. Weeks earlier (October 1964), in a deal set up by Dunhill, Jan & Dean had hosted the T.A.M.I. Show (or Teenage Command Performance). Directed by Steve Binder, this historic concert film featured live music from some of the hottest acts of the day. One of the original scripts for the duo's dialog (introducing the various acts) had them clowning around in zany skits, mangling the lyrics to "(Here They Come) From All Over the World" -- the T.A.M.I. theme song, a Sloan-Barri composition. (With Jan & Dean wearing fire hats, just as James Brown took the stage for an absolutely blistering set, Dean engulfed Jan in a cloud of CO2 from a fire extinguisher. One of the early scripted skits also featured Dean dressed as an angel, complete with wings and a wire halo.) 
The new album was rushed out to capitalize on the popularity of T.A.M.I. It was a "live" set (doctored in the studio) that packaged "From All Over the World" with previous Jan & Dean hits and covers of tunes by other artists -- most notably The Beatles. The single version of "From All Over the World" was released in February, and eventually peaked at #56 on Billboard. The album itself sold quite well, climbing all the way to #33.

But as the year 1965 wore on, despite formidable obstacles, Jan Berry would reach his zenith as a producer and arranger. His productions were becoming increasingly complex. A new tide was rising. And as Jan took "Jan & Dean" in his own artistic direction, Dean Torrence -- musically -- receded even further into the background.


Source: "'A Righteous Trip': In the Studio with Jan Berry, 1963-1966." © 2001-2011 by Mark A. Moore. All rights reserved. (Dumb Angel #4, 2005).