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Second WaveSECOND WAVE -- OW 34524 (One Way)


Get that Girl (Kuropatwa-Berry)
Spring Break (Kuropatwa-Berry)
The Little Old Lady From Pasadena (Berry-Altfeld-Christian)*
Love Her Tonight (Berry-Kuropatwa-Soloman)
She's Dancing, Dancing (Berry-St. John)
Honolulu Lulu (Berry-Christian-Adler)*
Oh, The Love Inside Me (J. Berry-G. Berry-Kuropatwa)
Hawaiian Isles (Berry-Duncan-Kirsch)
Dead Man's Curve (Berry-Christian-Kornfeld-Wilson)*
So Here I Go Again (J. Berry-G. Berry-Kuropatwa-Soloman)
Get A Job (Beal-Edwards-Horton-Lewis)
Surf City (Berry-Wilson)*

Bonus Tracks:
Spring Break (alternate mix) (Kuropatwa-Berry)
31 Flavors�, 31 Years (Baskin Robbins Jingle featuring Jan & Dean) (Kuropatwa-Berry)

* New versions include additional lyrics


Arranged and Produced by Jan Berry
Associate Producer: Rob Kuropatwa
Liner Notes: Gertie Berry and Rob Kuropatwa



Memorial Edition released in April 2004
Liner Notes: Mark A. Moore

Second Wave - Memorial Edition



SURF CITY: THE BEST OF JAN & DEAN -- CDP-7-92772-2 (Capitol-EMI / EMI USA), Legendary Masters Series, 1990. [22 Tracks]. Digitally Re-Mastered by Larry Walsh. Re-Mixed by Larry Walsh and Ron Furmanek [NOT ORIGINAL VERSIONS]. Art Direction: Henry Marquez / Photography: jeffrey Scales / Design: Michael Diehl / Liner Notes: Steve Kolanjian / Annotation: Ron Furmanek.


TEEN SUITE 1958-1962 -- VSD-5590 (Varèse Sarabande), 1995. [21 Tracks plus Bonus Track]. Digitally Re-Mastered by Bill Inglot and Dan Hersch. Art Direction: Lisa Sutton / Design: Dean O. Torrence / Liner Notes: Elliot Kendall.


JAN & DEAN (1960 Doré 101 album, with bonus tracks) -- 5035-2 (ERA / Dominion / K-Tel), 1996. [18 Tracks]. Art Direction: Karen Van Nest / Liner Notes: Michael "Doc Rock" Kelly


ALL THE HITS FROM SURF CITY TO DRAG CITY -- E2 53730 (EMI), 1996. [74 Tracks]. Digitally Re-Mastered by Kevin Reeves. Re-Mixed by Ron Furmanek, Kevin Reeves, and Tom Moulton [NOT ORIGINAL VERSIONS]. Art Direction: Henry Marquez and Lu Ann Graffeo / Liner Notes: Steve Kolanjian / Annotation: Ron Furmanek.


Numerous Jan & Dean compilations were released between the 1970s and 1990s.