Writer, arranger, and producer for the legendary Jan & Dean.

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The Jan & Dean Record: A Chronology of Studio Sessions, Live Performances, and Chart Positions

By Mark A. Moore

Foreword by Brian Wilson


168 photos & illustrations; discography; appendices; bibliography; song index; general index; softcover, 454 pp.: 8.5" x 11"


This is Jan Berry's biography. The book chronicles Jan’s career as a songwriter and arranger—and his tenure as producer for Jan & Dean and other acts—with day-by-day entries detailing recording sessions, single and album releases, concerts and appearances, film and television projects, behind-the-scenes business and legal matters, chart positions and more. Extensive commentary from Berry’s family, friends and colleagues is included. Studio invoices, contract details, tape box notes, copyright information and other particulars shed light on how music was made in the Hollywood studio system of the 1960s.


If you're a fan of the Wrecking Crew, this book is for you.


Also included is biographical information, plus full details of Jan's 1966 automobile accident and his return to the studio one year later.



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The book is largely based on extensive primary source documentation, but it is fleshed out by commentary from various family members, colleagues, and friends. Many of these people are listed below (but there are also quotes from various others, and information from others in summary form).






FAMILY: Bill Berry (father), Brian Berry (brother), Clara Berry (mother), Ken Berry (brother), Luana Berry (sister), Jan-Erik Mustad (cousin)


SCHOOLMATES: Dr. Vic Amira, Bob Conley, Sandra Ellsworth, Melanie Block Gottlieb, Tim Naegele, Diane Sappenfield, Dr. Steve Schonfield, Nancy Sinatra, Ernie Wiley


THE BARONS: Ron Kiino, John Seligman, John Venable


CREATIVE ASSOCIATES: Lou Adler, Dr. Don Altfeld, Steve Barri, Roger Christian, Vic Diaz, Jill Gibson, Arnie Ginsburg, Artie Kornfeld, Rob Kuropatwa, Joe Lubin, Jim Pewter, P. F. Sloan, Tom Sumner, George Tipton, Fred Wieder, Brian Wilson, Alan Wolfson


MUSICIANS: Frankie Avalon, Tom Bahler, Hal Blaine, Glen Campbell, Mike Deasy, Micky Dolenz, John Grove, Ron Hicklin, Cliff Hugo, Peter Hume, Al Jardine, Ron Jeffrey, Bruce Johnston, Davy Jones, Carol Kaye, Brian Kilgore, Mike Kowalski, David Loe, Mike Love, Joe Middler, David Marks, Joe Osborn, Earl Palmer, Don Peake, John Pierce, Don Randi, Marilyn Wilson Rutherford, Rick Schlosser, Sid Sharp, Billy Strange, Tommy Tedesco, Pete Townshend, Don Zirilli


ENGINEERS: Dayton "Bones" Howe, Harold "Lanky" Linstrot, Mark Wolfson


INDUSTRY ASSOCIATES: Alvin Bennett, Buzz Cason, Pierre Cossette, Kim Fowley, David Horowitz, Steve Kugel, Stan Oliver, Don Podolor, Irwin Z. Robinson, Gunther Schiff, Fred Vail, Murry Wilson


FILM and TELEVISION: Steve Binder, Dick Clark, Richard Compton, Bruce Davison, Richard Hatch, Lew Irwin, Paul Morantz, Bo Svenson, Dalene Young


MEDIA: Greil Marcus, Dave Marsh, Dougal Butler, Pamela Des Barres


THERAPY and MEDICAL: Vivian Sheehan, Sandy Ward, Dr. Robert Waters, Various Medical Professionals


FRIENDS and ACQUAINTANCES: Bruce Abrams, Jeanette Andersen, Michael Barry, Brian Bruderlin, Jean Stout Burke, Suzanne Graeber, Stuart Hersh, Pam MacGregor, Mitsuru Ondo, Cameron Michael Parkes, Scott Paton, Denise Shannon, Michael Steinberg




The Jan & Dean Records by Mark A. Moore






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