Jan & Dean History . . .

"'A Righteous Trip': In the Studio with Jan Berry" (PDF)
By Mark A. Moore

This full-color, richly illustrated article is an abridged version of the Jan & Dean history on this Website. From Dumb Angel #5. (Now available in PDF format).

Edited by Brian Chidester and Domenic Priore. Design and Layout by Mark London.

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"A Rising Tide: 1958-1966" . . . provides an in-depth look at Jan Berry as a songwriter, arranger, and producer . . . as well as his impact on the Southern California music scene . . . his impact on various colleagues and associates in the music business . . . and Jan & Dean's place in Rock 'n Roll history.

"Second Wave: 1966-Present" . . . provides a brief and limited overview of Jan Berry and Jan & Dean's career after Jan's debilitating auto accident . . . as Jan struggled to overcome the affects of traumatic brain injury, and to find his way in life again . . . both personally and in the music business.

All text in these sections is taken from the writings of Mark A. Moore . . . Jan Berry biographer (a work in progress).

Jan Berry, Early 1960s

Jan Berry, 2004