Encomium In Memoriam Vol. 1: Jan Berry of Jan & Dean

ENCOMIUM IN MEMORIAM VOL. 1: Jan Berry of Jan & Dean
VARIOUS: Encomium In Memoriam Vol. 1 Jan Berry Of Jan & Dean
VARIOUS: Encomium In Memoriam Vol. 1 Jan Berry Of Jan & Dean
VARIOUS: Encomium In Memoriam Vol. 1 Jan Berry Of Jan & Dean

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Jan Berry
Jan Berry of Jan & Dean


Cinecam Music Productions presents . . .

An eclectic taste of California, from Surf to the Psychedelic era and beyond, examining rock pioneer Jan Berry's musical arrangements for Jan & Dean and others.

An album featuring 30 tracks and more than 20 artists . . .


P. F. Sloan - (harmonica)
Eve of Destruction, Secret Agent Man, Fantastic Baggys
Background singer for Jan & Dean, 1964-66

Vic Diaz - (vocals)
Matadors, Gents, Sinners, "Tony, Vic, & Manuel"
Background singer for Jan & Dean, 1963

Jill Gibson - (vocals, album cover portrait artist)
Jan Berry's former girlfriend and songwriting partner
Brief member of the Mamas and the Papas
Photographer, Monterey Pop Festival (1967)

Tom Bahler - (vocals)
Love Generation, Partridge Family, Monkees, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra
Vocalist on Jan & Dean's unreleased album, "Carnival of Sound" (Warner Bros. 1968)

Mike Deasy - (guitar)
Former member of the Wrecking Crew
Guitarist on Jan & Dean's unreleased album, "Carnival of Sound" (Warner Bros. 1968)

David Marks - (guitar)
Beach Boys (original member), Dave & the Marksmen, The Moon, Solo Artist

Don Grady - (vocals)
The Yellow Balloon, Windupwatchband, "Robbie Douglas" on the sitcom "My Three Sons"

Paul Johnson - (guitar)
Belairs, Surfaris, Duo-Tones
Writer of Mr. Moto

Stephen Kalinich - (poetry)
Brian Wilson, Dennis Wilson, P. F. Sloan, Diana Ross

Probyn Gregory - (trumpet, flugelhorn, French horn, trombone)
Brian Wilson's Band, Wondermints, The Now People

Lisa Mychols - (vocals)
Masticators, Sweet Sinsations, Nobody's Girl, Nushu

Michael Carey Schneider - (vocals)
Sneaker, More than Just the Two of Us

Robbin Thompson - (vocals, guitar)
Tasmanians, Steel Mill with Bruce Springsteen, Robbin Thompson Band, Solo Artist

Tripsitter - (vocals)
California Son, Billy Hinsche, Al Jardine

Alan Boyd - (vocals, associate producer)
Filmmaker, Beach Boys archivist, Endless Harmony, Channel Surfin'

Billy Berry - (piano, vocals)
Jan Berry's younger brother

Laurie Biagini - (vocals)
Solo Artist

Charles Pett - (vocals)
Box o' Clox

Woolly Bandits and Special Guests - (vocals, guitar, bass, drums)
Say Hello To My Little Friend

David Beard - (vocals, associate producer, design, art direction)
Beach Boys Scholar /Jan & Dean Photo Archivist & Scholar
Journalist, Designer, and Editor & Publisher of Endless Summer Quarterly

Cameron Michael Parkes - (vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass, percussion)
Box o' Clox, A Tribute to Brian Wilson

Mark A. Moore - (vocals, guitar, percussion)
Jan Berry / Jan & Dean Scholar


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