Discography: 1980s



Jan 'n Dean - One Summmer Night  - Live ONE SUMMER NIGHT / LIVE -- RNDA 1498 (Rhino)

    New Girl In School -- (Berry-Wilson-Christian-Norman)
    Jennie Lee -- (Berry-Ginsburg)
    Baby Talk -- (Schwartz)
    Linda -- (Lawrence)
    Drag City -- (Berry-Wilson-Christian)
    Little Deuce Coupe -- (Wilson-Christian)
    Shut Down -- (Wilson-Christian)

    Hide Your Love Away -- (Lennon-McCartney)
    Back in the U.S.S.R. -- (Lennon-McCartney)
    Surfin' U.S.A. -- (C. Berry)
    Honolulu Lulu -- (Berry-Christian-Adler)
    Do You Wanna Dance -- (Freeman)
    Dance, Dance, Dance -- (Wilson)
    Ride the Wild Surf -- (Berry-Wilson-Christian)

    Sidewalk Surfin' -- (Wilson-Christian)
    Help Me, Rhonda -- (Wilson)
    California Girls -- (Wilson)
    Little Old Lady from Pasadena -- (Berry-Altfeld Christian)
    Dead Man's Curve -- (Berry-Christian-Wilson-Kornfeld)

    Good Vibrations -- (Wilson-Love)
    I Get Around -- (Wilson)
    Fun, Fun, Fun -- (Wilson-Love)
    Surf City -- (Berry-Wilson)
    Barbara Ann -- (Fassert)

    Jan & Dean and the Bel-Air Bandits

    Recorded live at My Father's Place, Roslyn, Long Island, New York. October 3, 1981.

    Executive Producer: Alan Shapiro
    Album Design: Dean O. Torrence, Kittyhawk Graphics
    Liner Notes: Uncredited


Port to Paradise 1986
PORT TO PARADISE -- PTP-111 (J&D Records)

    Hot Lookin' Lady -- (J. Berry-W.B. Berry-Armstrong-Snyder-Wolfson)
    How-How I Love Her -- (Berry-Kahn)
    Totally Wild -- (Berry-Jacobs-Wolfson)
    Hawaiian Mirage -- (Berry-Duncan-Kirsch)
    The Best Love Ever -- (Names)

    Ocean Park Angel -- (Lott)
    Just One of Those Days -- (Names)
    The National Inquirer -- (Berry-Christian-Altfeld-Wolfson)
    She Sing Sang A Song -- (Berry-Pewter-Wolfson)
    Tinsel Town -- (Berry-Jacobs-Christian)

    "She's A Hot Cookie" ("Hot Lookin' Lady") -- Chord Chart (64K)

    Contributing Producers: Jan Berry, Alan Wolfson, Jim Pewter, Don Altfeld, and Billy Berry
    All songs recorded between the early 1970s and mid-1980s.
    Largely Jan Berry solo material, with limited vocal participation by Dean Torrence.

    This note from Jan accompanied the album:

    It's been a challenge and a struggle for me after my accident, to regain self confidence and independence. However, I have come a long way to produce and complete this cassette.

    Many special thanks to the following people: My brother, Ken Berry, in assisting me with an office and sound recording equipment. My parents, Bill and Clara Berry for their patience, guidance and support in the musical ambitions that have always been with me throughout my life.




THE BEST OF JAN & DEAN -- LN-10115 (UA / Liberty), 1981. "A Liberty Re-Issue." [Abridged version of Golden Hits Vol. 1]. Re-Issued on CD by Capitol-EMI / EMI USA in 1988 (CDP-7-46885-2).
California Gold

THE LITTLE OLD LADY FROM PASADENA -- LN-10151 (Capitol-EMI / Liberty), 1982. [Abridged version of the original album].
Little Old Lady

CALIFORNIA GOLD -- PDK2-1071 (Pair / Capitol-EMI), 1984. TWO-LP Set and Cassette.
California Gold

I GOTTA DRIVE -- SN-16398 (Capitol-EMI / EMI America), 1986. Digitally Re-Mastered by Ron McMaster. Art Direction: Henry Marquez / Cover Design: Jim Heiman / Liner Design: peter Shea / Liner Notes: Jim Pewter.
I Gotta Drive

A SURFER'S DREAM -- SN-16399 (Capitol-EMI / EMI America), 1986. Digitally Re-Mastered by Ron McMaster. Art Direction: Henry Marquez / Design: Mike Diehl / Liner Notes: Jim Pewter.
A Surfer's Dream

THE BEST OF OF JAN & DEAN -- L4N-10339 (Capitol-EMI / EMI America Treasury), 1987. Digitally Re-Mastered by Ron McMaster. Cassette.
Drag City - The Great Car Songs of Jan 'n Dean

DRAG CITY: THE GREAT CAR SONGS OF JAN & DEAN -- 4XLL-9599 (Capitol-EMI), 1987. Cassette.
Drag City - The Great Car Songs of Jan 'n Dean

Numerous Jan & Dean compilations were released between the 1970s and 1990s.

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